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Surpless, Dunn & Co., Inc.

Surpless, Dunn & Co., Inc. has a long and distinguished history as a Manufacturer's Representative firm, and we are privileged to serve the principals that we represent. Our product lines are available only to recognized distributors and can be classified into the following four categories:
1. Cutting Tools:
Including Solid Carbide, Carbide Tipped, and High Speed Steel Reamers; Taps; End Mills; Countersinks; Milling Cutters; Keyseat Cutters; Inserts; Blanks; Tool Holders; Carbide Tools; Carbide Rotary Cutting Tools; Burrs; Boring Tools; Back Spotfacers & Counterbores; Port Contour Cutters; Core Drills; Chamfer Drills
2. Metrology & Inspection Tools and Equipment:
Including Precision Measuring Tools & Instruments; Major Measuring Instruments; Surface Plates; Gage Calibration Equipment; Vision Measuring Equipment; Digital Readout Systems (DRO's); Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tools & Software; Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM's); 2 & 3-Axis CNC Retrofits for Milling Machines, Indicator Calibration Systems; Mechanical & Electronic Torque Wrenches; Torque Testers & Transducers; Torque Calibration Systems; Plug Gages; Measuring Wires; Ring Gages; Taper Ring and Plug Gages; Thread Plug Gages; Thread Ring Gages; Special Gages
3. Work Holding Equipment:
Including Hoist Rings; Swivel Eye Bolts; Standard & Special Drill Bushings; Liners; Rollers; Inner Races; Wear Parts; Locating Pins; Soft & Hard Jaws; Master Keys; T-Nuts; Collet Pads; Drill Chucks; Arbors; Collet Chucks; Ball Bearing Chucks; Keyless Chucks; Manual Lathe Chucks; Universal Chucks; Direct Mount Chucks; Power Chucks; Independent Chucks; Special Chucks; Precision Centers; Live & Dead Centers; Bull Nose Centers; Pipe Centers; Solid Centers; CNC Centers; Face Drivers; Machining Center Vises
Including Socket Screw Products; Allen Nuts; Dowel Pins; Jam Screws; Collars; Fasteners; Rubber Flex Collets; Transfer Pumps; Lube Oil Pumps
4. Hand Tools, Power Tools & Accessories, Safety, Welding, & Construction Supplies

Pliers, Screwdrivers, Adjustable Wrenches, Locking Pliers, Sockets, Socket Sets, Hex Keys, Hammers, Tile Tools, Cordless Drills, Drills, Rotary Hammers, Marking Pens, Hand Cleaners, Gloves, Clamps, Protective Eyewear, Fall Protection, Welding Helmets, Transfer Pumps, Sledge Hammers, Stud Sensors, and Lasers

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